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Ultra Glossy Photo Laser Paper DUO 250gsm
Size : A6 (100 sheets)

Réf : NLA6/LPG4D.1

Ultra Glossy Photo Laser Paper DUO 250gsm<br>Size : A6 (100 sheets)
Packaging : 100 A6 sheets box of photo glossy paper duo
Product type : Laser UltraGloss DUO 250 - laser printer double side photo glossy paper
Weight : 250gsm
Format : A6 (105 x 148,5 mm)

Description : The new glossy photo laser paper Laser UltraGloss DUO 250 enables you to print high quality outputs with a beautiful glossy finish on you laser printer or copier. Heat stabilized and laser coated, it stays perfectly flat and produces real consistent colours. With the same gloss on both sides, it's dual coated and can be laser printed without any problem. It's ideal for the final outputs your customer presentations require.

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