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Creative Emulsion Blend A
Ink Jet coating solution A (1L)


Creative Emulsion Blend A<br>Ink Jet coating solution A (1L)
Packaging : One Liter of ILFORD Creative Emulsion Blend A
Type of product : ILFORD Creative Emulsion, Ink Jet coating solution

Description : GALERIE Creative Emulsion offers fine art photographers and printers the opportunity to create a truly unique looking print on their paper of choice.
The water-based inkjet receiving layer can be applied, using the Creative Emulsion Coating Bar, to a wide range of uncoated paper including fine art, cotton, washi, bamboo or rice paper to create a bespoke look and feel to the final image.

Key Benefits of the GALERIE Creative Emulsion
• Create a unique look and feel to a print
• Offers good density and sharpness without affecting the texture of the paper
• Water-based coating solution which can be applied to a range of fine art paper
• Emulsion A can be blended with Emulsion B to create a bespoke look and feel
• Easy to apply

DOWNLOAD : ILFORD Creative Emulsion in PDF (264 Ko)