Le site d'achat de papier photo numérique, Novalith.com, est un comparatif de papier photo pour l'impression laser et pour l'impression à jet d'encre. Découvrez notre large gamme de supports : papier photo couché, papier photo recto-verso, film transparent adhésif, papier photo laser, film transparent laser...

Complementary products
Acrylic frame brings a stunning visual element to any space. Using a quick and easy method, anyone can display photographic prints with a stylish frame free finish. - Pinchbook albums are available in sizes to fit a 4×6 to an A3 landscape page. These books are the ideal way to create your own custom professional portfolio book for photography or art and design. Pinchbooks are reusable, expandable and use no harmful glues to hold the pages together. Update and change the contents quickly and easily by pulling back the covers and releasing the pages. - Clear coatings, also called liquid laminates or Giclee varnish are an inexpensive way to protect your prints, digital wall coverings, fine art such as canvas, signs, banners, truck sides, awnings as a small example. Liquid laminates are cost effective, easy to apply, and do not require expensive equipment, some can even be applied by a hand roller. - These white empty boxes are made to protect your photo prints from dust and light. You can also use these boxes for offering personnalised gifts. - The new EyePress is perfect for all your banners. It punches and eyes in one working process.