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White Matte Waterproof Polyester Laser 120µ
Size : A4 (100 sheets)

Réf : NLA4/LFM.1

White Matte Waterproof Polyester Laser 120µ<br>Size : A4 (100 sheets)
Packaging : 100 A4 sheets Box of White Matte Polyester Film 120 microns
Type of product : never tear white matte laser paper for laser printing
Thickness : 120 microns
Format : A4 (210x297mm)

Description : The new white matte polyester film will enable you to produce beautiful prints with a pure semi-matte finish on you laser printer or copier. Thermostabilized and offered with an improved coating on both sides, this material also called never tear laser paper stays perfectly flat after printing. Highly waterpoof with the laser technology, thislaser printer synthetic paper is perfect for making prints for outside or industrial environments, like menus, posters, product stickers, architect plans or notes. It's also possible to write on it with a pencil. Its thickness is 120 microns (weight around 170 gsm).

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