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White matt adhesive vinyl 310 mic
Format : Roll 54" (1370mmx20M)

Réf : NL54/VWP310

White matt adhesive vinyl 310 mic<br>Format : Roll 54\" (1370mmx20M)
Packaging : 54 inches roll of white matt vinyl adhesive
Type of product : Adhesives, for color ink jet printers
Thickness : 310 microns
Format : 54 inches roll (1370mmx20M)

Description : The waterproof white matt vinyl adhesive is an ink jet printing media with which you will easily make stickers. With a high precision and smooth coating and a beautiful whiteness, it is ready to be printed on all ink jet printers (Dye or Pigmented inks). It's perfect for quick series of stickers even for outside purposes and advertising panels. For a better protection, a cold lamination is recommended. Its total thickness is 310 microns, its weight is 330gsm. When peeled, the adhesive vinyl is 185 microns thick. It's compatible with aqueous ink jet printers like EPSON (PIezzo) or CANON and HP (thermal). This product is offered in A4 and A3, and in rolls of 17, 24, 36, 42, 44, 50, 54 et 60 inches width.

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