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Synthetic WP paper 120gsm
24 inches roll (610mmx40M)

Réf : NL24/SWP120

Synthetic WP paper 120gsm<br>24 inches roll (610mmx40M)
font color="#8B008B">Packaging : 610mm x 40M roll of Polypro waterproof paper
Type of product : Specials, ink jet optimized medias
Weight : 120gsm
Size : 42 inches roll (610mmx40M)

Description : The non tear synthetic paper is a white mat material with a light thickness. It gives the ability to realize any type of product like resistant posters banners, pop-up or roll-ups. Quite easy to use, and fully compatible, the Polypro waterproof paper fits on every class of aqueous ink jet plotters or proofers for optimal results. Waterproof, it is perfect for outside presentations (short terms). Its thickness is 180 microns. The polypropylen is one of the most recyclable material in a printing environment.

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