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Proof 95 Satin ECO, proofing photo ink jet paper 95gsm
17 inches roll (432mmx30M)

Réf : NL17/PF95

Proof 95 Satin ECO, proofing photo ink jet paper 95gsm<br>17 inches roll (432mmx30M)
Packaging : 17 inches roll of proof satin photo paper
Type of product : Proof Semi Mat, digital ink jet proofing paper
Weight : 95gsm
Size : 17 inches roll (432mm x 30M)

Description : The Proof 95 Satin ECO is a real professional digital proofing paper. Its qualities regarding precision and chromatic fidelity give it the ability to be considered as one of the best papers for color proofing. Instant drying and easy handling. Excellent media colour consistency. Base colour and gloss level suitable for a wide range of print and press applications. Large colour gamut and highest image quality. Universal compatibility. Excellent laminating properties. Its weight is 95gsm.

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