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Premier 255 Metallic Gloss, iridescent photo paper 255gsm
44 inches roll (1118mmx30M)

Réf : NL44/PR255MG

Premier 255 Metallic Gloss, iridescent photo paper 255gsm<br>44 inches roll (1118mmx30M)
Packaging : 44 inches roll of metallic photo glossy paper
Type of produit : Premier, extra photo paper, glossy metalic photo
Weight : 255gsm
Size : 44 inches roll (1118mmx30M)

Description : The new Premier 255 Metallic Gloss is a glossy, silver-metallised photo paper with unique Iridium-like surface and extremely high resolution for professional Photographers and ambitious Hobby Photographers. The unique metallised character especially appears in motives like industrial, automobile or jewel photography or wherever chrome, steel, gold or silver is in the spotlight.

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