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Premier 245 Ultra Brillant, RC glossy photo paper 245gsm
17 inches roll (432mmx30M)

Réf : NL17/PR245UB

Premier 245 Ultra Brillant, RC glossy photo paper 245gsm<br>17 inches roll (432mmx30M)
Packaging : 17 inches roll of glossy photo paper
Type of product : Premier Ultra, ink jet printer photo paper
Weight : 245gsm
Format : 17 inches roll (432mmx30M)

Description : The "Premier 245 Ultra Brillant" is a glossy photo paper for high end purposes. Produced in one of the biggest european factory, with the latest microporous coating, its precision and drying qualities enables it to compete with the best known brands for photo reproduction or color proofing. The weight of this ink jet photo paper is 245gsm. It's available in rolls from 17 to 60 inches. Have a look at the last NOVALITH price list and at the product brochure to get the lastest infos, and order this beautiful glossy photo paper in a second. You'll be fully satisfied with the top quality of this photo paper for ink jet printers.

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