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Polyester Matte Canvas HW 270gsm
17 inches roll (432mmx20M)

Réf : NL17/CAM270

Polyester Matte Canvas HW 270gsm<br>17 inches roll (432mmx20M)
Packaging : 17 inches roll of High white polyester matte canvas
Type of product : Ink jet printing textile materials
Weight : 270gsm
Size : 17 inches roll (432mmx20M)

Description : Available at an unbeatable price , the High White Matt Polyester Canvas 270gsm is a real painter material 100% Polyester coated on one side for aqueous and latex ink jet high end printing. With a beautiful pure high white and a large color gamut, this material will fit all artists, photographs or designers demands. Finished with a top microporous coating, this Canvas is drying instantly after printing. Really resistant on the edges, it's perfect for frame making. This Polyester Matt Canvas 270gsm will give the artist the abilty to quickly make high end art reproduction. For an optimal protection againts UV, scratch and water, we recommend to use one of our ClearShield varnish which extend the life of you Canvas prints. Its weight is 270gsm, its thickness is 370 microns.

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