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Polyester Backlit Waterproof Film 225 mic
Roll 44 inches (1118mmx20M)

Réf : NL44/TWP225

Polyester Backlit Waterproof Film 225 mic<br>Roll 44 inches (1118mmx20M)
Packaging : 44 inches roll of backlight polyester film
Type of product : Thick translucent polyester film for ink jet printing
Thickness : 225 microns
Size : 44 inches roll (1118mmx20M)

Description : The polyester Backlit waterproof translucent film 225 microns is the perfect film for photo-realistic illuminated displays and high quality backlit works. It will give you precision and vibrant colours on most Ink Jet Thermal or Piezzo plotters and printers using dye or pigmented inks. The printable matte side is designed for mirror-type printing for final use with illuminated frames. This inkjet printing backlit film has a unique coating that provides superior water and scratch resistance. Its thickness is 225 microns.

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