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Photo paper Premier 195 Ultra Brillant Adhesif
Size : Roll 44 inches (1118mmx20M)

Réf : NL44/PR195UBA

Photo paper Premier 195 Ultra Brillant Adhesif<br>Size : Roll 44 inches (1118mmx20M)
Packaging :44 inches roll of glossy adhesive photo paper
Type of product : Stickers, ink jet adhésive papers
Weight : 260gsm
Size : 44 inches roll (1118mmx20M)

Description : The adhesive glossy paper Premier 195 Ultra Brillant Adhésif is a top end adhesive photo paper. Pure white coating, high gloss finish and instant drying time, this adhesive photo paper will enable you to make little luxury stickers. It is compatible with every piezzo or bubble jet printer. Its weight is 280gsm. When peeled, this glossy adhesive paper is 195gsm.

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