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Pantone Vibrant, ink jet proofing paper 230gsm
24 inches roll (610mmx30M)

Réf : NL24/PV230

Pantone Vibrant, ink jet proofing paper 230gsm<br>24 inches roll (610mmx30M)
Packaging : 24 inches roll of proof matte paper
Type of product : Pantone Vibrant, digital ink jet proofing paper
Printing technology : Aqueous ink jet (Dye or Pigmented)
Weight : 230gsm
Size : 24 inches roll (610mm x 30M)

Description : PANTONE® VIBRANT – colour communication at its best.
Felix Schoeller Group and Pantone LLC have bundled their expertise and experience in papers and colours to set a new standard for design and prepress applications. The premium paper they have developed in close collaboration increases end-users potential for reproducing colour precisely and reliably without complicated colour management.
PANTONE® VIBRANT has been manufactured with industry-leading quality control in order to develop a consistent high-performance product that will satisfy colour critical applications.The paper has an attractive feel and flat matt surface to match the surface of offset papers; the back-side print of the PANTONE® VIBRANT logo makes it unique.

- Matching of 99.71% of all PANTONE® colours possible (The results of matching 99.71% of the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated palette, is based on printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 4900, on PANTONE® VIBRANT by Felix Schoeller and without any special colour management systems.)
- Easy-to-use
- Reproducibility by outstanding media colour consistency
- Surface as offset papers
- Instant dry
- Produced under License Agreement with Pantone LLC. PANTONE is a trademark of Pantone LLC in the United States and/or other countries. - Aqueous ink jet compatibility (Dye or Pigmented) as EPSON, CANON or HP
- Its weight is 230gsm

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