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Metal Aluminium Glossy Adhesive Film 130 mic
Size : 17inches roll (432mmx20M)

Réf : NL17/ALA130

Metal Aluminium Glossy Adhesive Film 130 mic<br>Size : 17inches roll (432mmx20M)
Packaging : 17 inches roll of silver metal glossy adhesive
Type of product : Adhesive polyester film for ink jet printing technology
Thickness : 130 microns
Size : 17 inches roll (432mmx20M)

Description : The new metal silver film adhesive is a glossy polyester film which has the looking of chrome metal. The backing in paper is perfect for stabilizing the film and for folding. This material is used by advertising agencies for printing models. The aluminium metal polyester film adhesive is working good with all types of aqueous ink jet printers, wide or small format. When the backing has been peeled, this silver polyester film adhesive will enable photographers and most artists to put it on foam boards for their expositions. The total weight of the complex (film, glue and paper backing) is 340gsm. Its thickness, when peeled is 130 microns. The sizes of available sheets are A4 and A3. The width of available rolls are 17 inches (432mm) and 24 inches (610mm). It dryes quickly and works perfectly with all aqueous ink jet photo printers (Dye or Pigmented inks) as Epson, Canon or HP.

This product is also available in A4 (210x297mm). Rolls in 17 inches (432mm) and 24 inches (610mm) are also offered.

DOWNLOAD : NOVALITH Ink Jet rolls price list in PDF (64 Kb)
DOWNLOAD : NOVALITH Ink Jet sheets price list in PDF (60 Kb)

This metal aluminium film adhesive enables you to realize models for advertising or print exposition photos with a beautiful metal aluminium aspect. With its paper backing, it can be folded without breaking on angles :

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