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Laser Printer Translucent Mat Adhesive Film 155 µ
Format : A3+ (100 sheets)

Réf : NLA3+/LTMA.1

Laser Printer Translucent Mat Adhesive Film 155 µ<br>Format : A3+ (100 sheets)
Packaging : Box of 100 sheets of laser printer translucent adhesive film
Size : SRA3 (320 x 450mm)
Product Type : Adhesive papers for laser printers
Total thickness : 155 microns

Description : The new translucent matt adhesive polyester film NOVALITH enables you to produce glossy transparency quality stickers on your laser printer. Heat stabilized and top coated for the best toner adhesion, it stays perfectly flat and gives you a beautiful output for outside works. Its weight is 190 gsm, its thickness is 155 microns. Universal compability with laser printers and copiers.

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