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GALERIE Tesuki Washi Echizen, washi paper 110gsm
Size : A2 (10 sheets)

Réf : GTWE11/A2

GALERIE Tesuki Washi Echizen, washi paper 110gsm<br>Size : A2 (10 sheets)
Packaging : 10 sheets of A2 GALERIE Tesuki Washi Echizen
Type of product : GALERIE, high end wash photo paper
Weight : 110gsm
Packaging : 10 sheets
Size : A2 (420x594mm)

Description :The GALERIE Tesuki Washi Echizen 110 from ILFORD is a fine art paper with a traditional, Washi, Japanese base and a strong textured surface. The Washi base is made in the Echizen area of Japan, which is famous for the production of traditional Japanese paper with a history spanning over 1500 years in paper production. GALERIE Tesuki Washi Echizen 110 has the unique ILFORD inkjet coating that gives the final print a wide colour gamut and excellent colour consistency. The paper has a rough textured surface, is acid free with no optical brighteners and so is suitable for fine art reproduction. It is perfectly compatible with the major ink jet printers little or wide format from EPSON, CANON or HP (Dye or Pigmented inks). Its weight is 110gsm, its thickness 170 microns.

Weight : 110 gsm
Opacity : >90 %
Thickness : 290 Micron
Tint (CIE L*a*b*) : 94.3, 0.4, 5.0
Finish : matte

This beautiful japanese washi paper is also available in A4 (210x297mm), A3+ (297x420mm), A3+ (329x483mm) with deckle edges, A2 (420x594mm) and A1+ (660 x 960mm).

DOWNLOAD : ILFORD Washi Paper price list in PDF (60 Kb)

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