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GALERIE Prestige Lustre, photo paper 260gsm
17 inches roll (432mmx30,5M)

Réf : IGPLPR17

GALERIE Prestige Lustre, photo paper 260gsm<br>17 inches roll (432mmx30,5M)
Packaging : 17 inches roll of Lustre photo paper
Type of product : GALERIE Prestige, lustre photo paper
Weight : 260gsm
Size : 17 inches roll (432mmx30,5M)

Description : The famous GALERIE Prestige Lustre from ILFORD is a heavy weight, high quality inkjet photo paper offering accurate reproductive qualities, extended longevity and a robust surface for exceptional yet durable prints. As with its gloss equivalent, this paper is created using the very latest universal inkjet coating technology from ILFORD, which ensures that prints are not only dry to the touch straight from the printer, but are compatible with all popular printer manufacturers. It is perfectly compatible with the major ink jet printers little or wide format from EPSON, CANON or HP (Dye or Pigmented inks). Its weight is 260gsm.

- Perfect for studio quality photographic prints
- Instant dry coating

- Smooth lustre surface

- Universal printer compatibility
- Broad colour gamut for stunning colour reproduction