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Flame Retardant Matt Textile 135gsm
Size : 30 inches roll (762mmx30M)

Réf : NL30/TEX135S

Flame Retardant Matt Textile 135gsm<br>Size : 30 inches roll (762mmx30M)
Packaging : 30 inches roll of flame retardant mat textile
Type of product : Specialty, ink jet printer polyester textile
Printing technology : Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex and UV Curable ink jet printers
Weight : 135gsm
Size : 30 inches roll (762mmx30M)

Description : The flame retardant matt textile 135gsm is 100% made of Polyester. It's perfect for printing inside materials (photo exposition, flags, banners...). The weight of this matt printing textile is 135gsm. Flame retardant category : M1. Its thickness is 180 microns. This professional printing textile is working with eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UBV curable ink jet printers.

Rolls of 42 inches (1067mm), 54 inches (1374mm) and up to 60 inches (1524mm) are also available.

Close view of the flame retardant textile 135gsm surface :

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