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Fire resistant paper M1 certified 125gsm
Size : Roll 42 inches (1067mmx90M)

Réf : NL42/IGN125

Fire resistant paper M1 certified 125gsm<br>Size : Roll 42 inches (1067mmx90M)
Packaging :42 inches roll of fire resistant photo quality paper
Type of product : Specialities, color Ink Jet coated papers
Weight : 125 gsm
Size : 42 inches roll (1067mmx45M)

Description : This fire resistant matt coated paper is a high resolution coated ink jet paper. Available with its M1 certification, it has been hardly tested to proove its fire resistance. It enables you to produce inside prints for public places like shows, hotels, theatres or schools. Very precise, and compatible with every Dye or Pigmented Ink Jet printer, it delivers a beautiful colour output. Its weight is 125gsm.

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