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Eco Solvent Clear Removable Adhesive Film 150 mic
54 inches Roll (1372mmx20M)

Réf : NL54/TWA150S

Eco Solvent Clear Removable Adhesive Film 150 mic<br>54 inches Roll (1372mmx20M)
Packaging :1372mmx20M Roll of Clear Removable Adhesive Film
Type of product : Ink jet coated polyester films
Prnting tecxhnology : Latex, Solvant, éco-solvant and UV Ink Jet inks
Thickness : 150 microns
Size : 54 inches roll (1372mmx20M)

Description : The Clear Glossy Adhesive Film 150 microns is a real polyester transparency film thick enough to realize glass decoration, shop displays or window advertising. Giving beautiful colors and a real precision, the Clear Transparency Glossy Adhesive Film is compatible with most wide format printers for optimal results. It will catch the attention of decorators, architects or designers.
Its thickness is 150 microns, its weight 200gsm. Compatible with eco-solvent, mild-solvent, solvent, latex or UV curable. The length of the roll is 20 meters and the diameter of the core is 3 inches (76mm). This product is available in the following width : 24 (610mm), 42 (1067mm), and 54 inches (1370mm).

DOWNLOAD : List price NOVALITH Ink Jet in PDF (64 Kb)

The Clear Transparency Removable Adhesive Film will help you to do glass decoration, shop displays or window advertising :

Compatibilty : Eco Solvent or Latex wide format printer

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