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Blue Back Poster Paper 130gsm
Size : 50 inches roll (1270mmx50M)

Réf : NL50/BLU130X

Blue Back Poster Paper 130gsm<br>Size : 50 inches roll (1270mmx50M)
Packaging : Roll of 1270mm x 50M of poster blue back paper
Type of product : Specialities, color ink jet printing blue back paper
Weight : 130gsm
Format : 50 inches roll (1270mmx50M)

Description : The poster blue back paper is a coated matte Waterproof paper developed for outside jobs. With its blue back design, it gives you the ability to glue the back and make posters which will go outside. It can also be used like a wall paper for decoration purposes. Its weight is 130gsm. It works perfectly with thermal or piezzo ink jet printers using pigmented inks. It is available in 24 inches (610mm), 36 inches (914mm), 42 inches (1067mm) and 54 inches (1372mm).

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