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Textile 100% Cotton Eco Solvent 225gsm
42 inches roll (1067mmx30,5M)

Réf : NL42/COT225S

Textile 100% Cotton Eco Solvent 225gsm<br>42 inches roll (1067mmx30,5M)
Packaging : Roll of 1067mm x 30,5M of 100% cotton textile fabrics
Type of product : Eco solvent ink jet printing textile fabrics
Weight : 225gsm
Format : 42 inches roll (1067mmx30,5M)

Description : This 100% coton textile fabrics is a printable natural cotton made fabrics. With its fire resistance (german B1 certificate), this flame retardant textile will be perfect for making multiple products for display or decoration, like wall hangings, display booth, window draperies or curtains. Its weight is 225gsm, its thickness 330 microns. It works perfectly with Eco-solvent, Mid-solvent, Solvent, Latex or UV Curable inks. It is available in 30 inches (760mm), 42 inches (1067mm), 54 inches (1370mm) and up to 98 inches (3100mm). The length of rolls is 30,5 meters and the diameter core is 3 inches (76mm).

DOWNLOAD : NOVALITH Ink Jet ES price list in PDF (64 Ko)

This 100% coton textile fabrics has a pure white matte coating and a texture close to the jean fabrics :

Compatibility : Eco-Solvent, Latex, solvent and UV curable wide format printer

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