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Glassine transparent paper 40gsm
Size : A4 (100 sheets)


Glassine transparent paper 40gsm<br>Size : A4 (100 sheets)
Packaging : 100 A4 sheets box of glassine vellum paper
Type of product : laser printer translucent vellum paper
Weight : 40gsm
Format : reduced A4 (209x296mm)

Description : The brand new glassine vellum paper is translucent paper which gives a special touch to all your albums. It is used as a spacer in your albums, protects your photos, and gives it a luxury presentation. Its weight is 40gsm. It's packed in 100 sheets boxes. This product is available in A4 (210x297mm) and A3 (297x420mm).

- Excellent flatness
- Translucent
- Vegetal paper
- Easy to fold

DOWNLOAD : NOVALITH Laser Colour pricing list in PDF (68 Ko)

Aspect of the laser printer vellum polyester :
(depending on screens, colour can have slight variations)

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